Haflinger knitted slippers Lana

Published on August 27, 2014

We already know that Haflinger have generations of expertise in making slippers from 100% new wool, which is why we love the new knitted slippers Haflinger Everest Lana.

The knitted snug wool upper will make your feet toasty warm in the cold winter days.

The slippers are coming in two colourways: purple and green. Different tones of these colours are blending in to create this beautiful wool, that is then knitted to form the uppers.

Of course we have all the advantages of the Haflinger Everest Classic and Haflinger Everest Prisma: extremely robust flexible sole made from special moulded rubber and  a removable cushioning insole.

Browse the full range of Haflinger slippers here.

This is really the natural way of walking!

Haflinger Everest slippers