Haflinger slippers last change to buy

Published on August 25, 2014

This is the end of the line for the Haflinger Dachs slippers in red and there are now on SALE with £10 off their original price.

As we like to joke these ‘Dachs’ slippers…. are fully house trained! They will be your best friend at home with wool felt uppers moulded-to-fit and stitched onto contoured footbed insoles they will hug and warm up your feet in the cold days.

What a better feeling than going home in a cold winter day and your toasty warm slippers are waiting for you at the door! The Haflinger Dachs slippers are quirky and playful, ready to go to their new home.

We still continue with the Haflinger Dachs Slippers in grey and we have two new additions to our pet family: Haflinger Felix Dog slippers and Haflinger Babsy Cat slippers

Haflinger new style coming soon

Haflinger Felix dog slippers pure wool

Of course you already know our famous Haflinger CAT and DOG

Haflinger cat and dog slippers