Haflinger Pet Family

Published on October 15, 2014

Favourite styles with everyone here @Shoegarden!

They are fun, they are warm, they are friendly, they are fully house trained!

Let me present you Haflinger Caty, Haflinger Babsy, Haflinger Dachs, Haflinger Felix and Haflinger Babe and Sheep…our lovely Haflinger pet family!

Today someone ordered all four and we really hope they get along together.

These pure wool slippers make a great present for everyone who love animals or have a pet at home.

Wool felt uppers moulded-to-fit and stitched onto contoured footbed insoles with latex impregnated non-slip felt soles. They are toasty warm, giving great insulation from cold floors. So easy to put on and take off.

Haflinger have generations of expertise in making slippers from 100% new wool.

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