Haflinger summer leather pumps

Published on March 17, 2015

Spring is coming (or at least that’s what they promised us :) )

This is the time of the year  you can’t wait to get out that brazer with flowers on and put your heavy coat somewhere hidden in the wardrobe.

Well that time has come!  Clean and prepare  your long boots for storing because you won’t need them any soon :)

If you are on a hunt for some new pumps or everyday casual shoes, you are in the right place.

The new Haflinger Summer range of pumps is absolutely amazing! Have you ever tried soft elk leather shoes? Well now you have the chance.

These pumps are not only pretty but also super comfortable, they mold perfectly to the foot and the elasticated back keeps them on.

No more pumps that slip on the back! Removable insole is always useful if you have your own ones.

Lovely bright colours that will cheer you up :)

Haflinger Tamina Leather PupmsHaflinger Tamina leather pumps with Removable InsolesHaflinger leather pumps Fani


These shoes are very easy to style, if you wish add accessories to match the colour and there you go, you have a lovely summer casual outfit!

Women's Fashion Haflinger leather pumps