Warm and cosy slippers from Haflinger

Published on October 24, 2013

The Autumn has arrived and changed the whole landscape with warm colours.

But for us at Shoegarden, there is another reason why Autumn is our favourite season. Then we get to unpack all the new boxes with Haflinger slippers and clogs arriving from Germany. This year there are great colourful additions like the Haflinger Grizzly Schach and Grizzly Splash!

My personal favourite is Haflinger Grizzly Stripes, which is a combination between two classic styles: Haflinger Prisma Stripes slippers and the Haflinger Grizzly Torben clogs. Which means you have the colourful pure felt stripy uppers, with a substantial rubber sole.

If you already have a pair of Haflinger I’m sure you’ll be as excited as we are.

If you don’t have one I highly recommend you to try on a pair and the rest will follow!

Haflinger Grizzly Schach Bordeaux clogsHaflinger Grizzly Stripes